Wednesday, August 19, 2015

India ranks 52nd position in World Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index

India’s rank has improved significantly to 52nd position in travel and tourism competitiveness index this year from 65th in 2013. As per the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) 2015 published by the World Economic Forum, India rises by 13 places in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index.


 As per the report World Economic Forum Global Travel & Tourism Report 2015,Travel & Tourism (T&T) in India already accounts for 5% of India’s employment and its huge potential for further growth is made visible by comparing the country’s 7 million international visitors to China’s 55 million.

The country’s natural resources (17th) are vast and diverse and its cultural resources (10th) include a unique intangible heritage (8th), sports events and a large entertainment offer. India’s relevance as business travel destination is increasing along with its economic growth, it remains a price-competitive destination (8th) and recent changes in its visa regime: not yet reflected in the data rankings—have the potential to boost international arrivals. However, longstanding infrastructure gaps remain, especially in tourism-specific infrastructure (109th) and the quality of roads.

Despite some uneven progress, India also lags on health and hygiene (106th) and ICT readiness (114th). The safety and security situation is unsettling, with a perceived increase in the impact of crime and violence (97th), and India ranks only 139th for environmental sustainability.

 Report: WEF Global Travel & Tourism Report 2015

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