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Kempfort Shiva Temple - Old Airport Road Bangalore

Anybody who visits Bangalore will surely ask where is the 65 feet Shiva Temple in Bangalore. It is a very popular and one of the tourist spots in Bangalore (Bengaluru). The temple is located in Murugeshpalya nearby HAL airport or Old Bangalore International Airport. The temple was built by Ravi V Melwani (also known as RVM) and his father in 1995. On February 26, 1995, on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri, the Shiva Temple was inaugurated and Sri Shankaracharya of Shringeri dedicated the Shiv Mandir to the public.

Main Attraction of Shiva Temple

At the entrance of the Shiv Mandir, there’s a huge 25-ft Shiv Linga Gate, that leads devotees to Shiva Mandir and a 32 feet Lord Ganesha statue  is the first deity at the temple devotees offer their prayers to. After offering prayer to Lord Ganesha, next is The Navgraha pooja at Navgraha temple. Shiv Dham Yatra or BARAH JYOTIR LING YATRA where devotees get a chance to witness all the shrines or 12 sacred Shiv lingam. Finally you enters the Shiva Temple where you can offer prayer to 65-feet-tall Shiva statue (Seated in a yogic posture). Manasa Sarovar where Pratyaksh Linga is hidden under the sacred waters which devotees can catch a glimpse of the Pratyaksh Ling during the morning, evening and midnight aarti.

Entrance ticket/Entrance Fee

There are fees for entrance, camera, Shiv Dham Yatra or Barah Jyothir Ling Yatra. The fees or ticket colected may make you feel like commercializing but they say the money collected will go to charity under RVM Foundation toward serving the destitute sheltered in the RVM Foundation Hospital and Transit Home.

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  1. Nice post on Kempfort Temple. The founder of the temple, had a vision to build a temple where a huge statue of Lord Shiva would stand, building Faith, Hope and Belief for generations to come. Now Kempfort Shiva temple has become a revered spiritual destination and attracts millions of devotees not only from India but all around the world.