Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hosdurg Fort in Kasaragod district of Kerala

Hosdurg Fort is located in Kanhangad city of Kasaragod district of Kerala. It is built by Somashekara Nayak of Ikkeri Dynasty. The fort may not be attracting tourists here. But, it can be seen or visited while your visit to Nithyanandashram and Poonkavanam Karpooreswara Temple. The fort is now in ruins and efforts are made to renow for its chain of forts.

Nithyananda cave near Hosdurg Fort

Nithyanand Ashram in Kanhangad is dedicated to Bhagwan Swami Nithyananda. But, don't get confused with the name of Swami Nithyananda with controversial Swami Nithyananda of Bangalore. Nithyanand Ashram in Kanhangad is a dyana mandir (Meditation) located near Hosdurg Fort. It is believed that there is mystery cave near the entrance of Hosdurg Fort where Swami Nithyananda used to meditate. Bhagwan Swami Nithyananda first did his tapas at Guruvanam, five kilometers away from this ashram.

Hosdurg Fort gives a beautiful view to near by lush green fields, Nithyanand Ashram and the railway track. During the Lotus blooming time, the fort attracts nature lovers and photographers here.

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